Attila Anselmo

Attila Anselmo is an autodidact in principle, born in Budapest, Hungary, 1946. He dedicated his entire life to study, experiment and re-evaluating Life as it appears to us, as we know it.

He has completed the Wood Industry Technicum in Budapest, graduated from Architectural Design at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Toronto, Canada and with his Soulmate, Muse and Partner Elizabeth, has taken many self-help, mind aligning, fear crushing Courses, Seminars and Workshops in Canada and the United States.

During this time, they established Anselmo Art Studio and Associates Inc. (AASA) in Toronto, Canada, creating Commissioned Works of Art for 35 years, employing many artists and inspiring even more. The Studio have received, numerous journalistic praise, which triggered Toronto’s ‘mini decorative art industry’ from the mid 1980’s.

Attila and Elizabeth have also delved into Real Estate, buying, renovating, staging and selling properties, and were involved with many inspirational and charitable projects.

The Anselmos had the vision, tenacity, courage and love to go beyond the obvious parochial standards and practices, forever burnishing the facets of their Being, breaking away from the deceitful and deadly clutches of the ego.

Now, he lays out the pearls they’ve gathered along the way, for your benefit.